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All Out K-Pop 120713

Posted by Ian on July 20, 2012 at 5:40 PM

Ok for these two playlist I just posted. They were ordered on the days of the title but weren't made until yesterday and today. I think I should be all caught up with everything by this week or next week. I've skipped a week or so of K-Pop because my internet went down last week so I just said forget it. If you have any suggestions of K-Pop artists you think I should pick up then by all means msg me. Thanks.

DJ KLegend

All Out K-Pop 120713

1. A Seed – Beyond Cafe

2. APink – BUBIBU (Remix Ver)

3. Beenzino – I’ll Be Back

4. BGM - 사랑을 알려준 사람 (the one who loved)

5. Boni – 27살

6. Cultwo & Saemiroo - 넌 할 수 있 (feat. 케이준) (you can do)

7. DIAmond - 니가 돌아오면 (your back)

8. DOZ - 이쁜 강아지만 골라 키우는 그녀 모습 (look pretty)

9. Dream – 잘가 (goodbye)

10. Eluphant - 별사탕 (Feat. 범키) (sugar candies)

11. FLASHE – Drop it

12. Habit – 나무에게 (to the trees)

13. HELLOVENUS – 파도처럼 (like a wave)

14. Jaemin & Owl - 헤어지는 게 맞아 (it’s suppose to break up)

15. Kim Hyun Joong – HEAT

16. Krucifix Kricc - 소우주 (小宇宙) (Microcosm)

17. Last Dream – 소나기 (Sonaki) (Feat. MINI) (shower)

18. LEDApple - Swing

19. Min Hoon Ki – Ma Fun City

20. Minken - VOICE (Via 차엘리야)

21. Passionist – Like It

22. Punch Punch – Take Me

23. Rhythm Power – 마이마이 (May I May I)

24. Sagging Snail - 방구석 날라리 (gutters sunshine)

25. T-ARA – 떠나지마 (do not leave)

26. Thunder – 가지마 ( do not go)

27. Tiramisu - 넌 너무 멋져 (you’re too nice)

28. Viva J - 겁이나 (Feat. 정은) (Im scared)

29. Younha - Supersonic

30. ZE:A – Body to Body

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