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March 2014

Posted by Ian on March 13, 2014 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

What's up people?

2014 is the new year of AOK Productions. Airing on Aewen Radio is AOK Productions new show, The Club Dub Mix Set. It airs Monday's and Friday's at 12pm PST and reruns on the weekends. The show consists of a selection of songs that follow a certain theme of the day. Whether its hip-hop, dance, r&b, etc. There are 10 episodes in a season. The show is about 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.

I'm currently working on season 2 right. It will be more diverse than the last season and also I will be accepting listener theme submissions. For entries, just send me your theme and your name to my email, [email protected] and i'll throw it into the hat and if you're lucky your show theme will be chosen.

C-Pop and J-Pop has slowed to a crawl in the realm of podcasts. K-Pop already takes up enough time as it is and to spend time in J-Pop and C-Pop just requires more time that I don't have. Maybe i'll throw together a mix of J-Pop and C-Pop in the near future but nothing right now.


So tune into the new show and enjoy the new downloadable podcasts. Cheers.


DJ KLegend

The Club Dub Mix Set, Episode #4 airs Friday 12pm PST on Aewen Radio

-note- all Club Dub Mix Sets will be available after they've aired.


Back in action

Posted by Ian on June 13, 2013 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey what's going on K-Pop listeners and followers?

I haven't written in this in a few months. School is done for the summer and all I'm doing now is working and working some more ^^. With that said I'll be trying to keep this site alive and do more with it, possibly resurrect AOK Productions to what I designed it to be, a NorCal podcast dedicated to exploring all of K-Pop in it's entirety and checking out new songs from C-Pop and J-Pop.

Some news, me and MBLAQ Radio are done. They got rid of me b/c they wanted to do something else with the radio (like get rid of it altogether). That's fine though, another learning experience for the books. I've just hooked up with Aewen Radio and will be hosting my first show tonight, 10pm PST/ 1am EST. I'll link their facebook page at the end for you guys to check them out. They seem like a legit radio station that is on the right track to exploring K-Pop and not just sticking to fan favourites and new songs. Might finally be a good fit for me as a side gig.


As for AOK Productions, I've created some two playlists that are dedicated to solo artists. Basically songs that have nothing but one artist on them. I created a Seo Taiji & Boys playlist as well as a BoA playlist. I'll post download link on the main page. It will be at the bottom if any of you are interested in checking them out. As I said i'll try to post some more shows. I definitely need to update the videos, glad to see they got plenty of hits. I'm working on some banners for the podcast so bare with me. Legit banners cost money so it's gonna take some time but like a phoenix AOK Productions will rise again and it will be righteous!.


Cheers you guys.


DJ K-Legend

@DJ_KLegend (twitter homepage)


K-Pop Lyrics App

Posted by Ian on November 25, 2012 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Being someone who doesn’t have a smart phone I tend to miss out on relatively useful apps. I always constantly find myself repeating certain lyrics over and over in my head when I hear a song I use to listen to back in the day, but I can never remember who was that artist singing that song. As the day progresses my mind will wander and when the time comes for my brain to regurgitate those lyrics, I can never remember them! This stresses me out so much because I end up thinking about what the lyrics were and I don’t remember until I either hear the song again or at a random day it just pops into my head.

Fortunately there is a new app for those people who have the same problem and own a smart phone. The app is called K-Pop Lyrics. How handy is this? Pretty damn handy! If you are the type of person who must have that song raping your ear drums and bumpin’ on your car speakers then this is app a must have. Basically you click on the app and you enter the lyrics of the song you are listening to and viola! The app searches it’s massive database of K-Pop tunes and returns to you in seconds with the song you desired. You have your song with artist’s name and the entire song lyrics.

Now you can sing along to all your favourite K-Pop songs word for word while you’re out about and not look like a complete spazz when you hit a verse of the song you don’t know and begin to mumble the words. Impress your friends by naming the artist of the song they know of but can’t remember the artist. Serenade that lucky lady with precision lyrical verbatim and win her heart.


The K-Pop Lyrics app is a must have if you’re any type of K-Pop enthusiast!

AMC Podcast #1

Posted by Ian on September 14, 2012 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)


Now then, let’s get to it shall we?

We’ve got 10 songs for everyone to listen to and explore the artists later. I’ll take a minute to explain who you’re listening to and some basic information about them. I’ll play the song and go from there. In time, I will just cut me talking and let the songs play. You can catch any of the information about the artists on our website under the section called news. Here we are with the Top 10 songs.

10. Angstblute by Bizniz

Bizniz is a Korean Hip-hop artists who started back in 2007 in the small duo called Infinite Flow. After the disbandment of Infinite flow, Bizniz sought out solo a career and has been now on the rise in South Korean underground hip-hop.

9. 24 Ge Bi Li by Will Pan

Wilber Pan aka Will Pan is an American born Taiwanese Mandopop artist. This boy can sing, rap, and act. On August 31, 2012 Will Pan came out with his newest album The Story of Billy. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend watching the choreography that was developed by Terry Lin.

8. Derangement by The GazettE

Gazette is a visual Kei band out in Japan. Visual kei is a style of Japanese Rock. It’s based in heavy makeup, shocking costumes, and wild hair. GazettE started off back in 2002 and lately has broken onto Japanese mainstream music. Gazette has a massive international fan base. The song “Derangement” is off their album Division which had recently released in Japan.

7. Shade by Broken Valentine

Broken Valentine is a South Korean alternative band. South Korean true alternative is very underground that a majority of times you’ll only hear it through live events in certain clubs. Though recently Broken Valentine had appeared on South Korea’s television show competition called Top Band. With their television appearance their fan base and band exposure continue to grow. Their style is definitely alternative and post grunge.

6. Now (Club Mix) by Turbotronic

To my knowledge I don’t know much about Turbotronic. I know he’s a DJ in South Korea and he creates my kind of songs. He does a lot remixes with DJ Hyo (aka clubhunter)

5. 2 Beautiful by HotCha

HotCha is girl trio in cantopop (Cantonese pop). Their latest album 0103 falls along the genre of dance pop. Their single 2 beautiful has a very Eurodance feel and can have wishing you were in a dance club.

4. Still Love You by AAA

A very popular band from the Japanese music company Avex Trax is AAA. AAA stands for All Around Attack. This band debuted in 2005 and they consisted of 5 men and 3 women who have all acted in either commercials or were backup dancers for Ayumi Hamasaki and Ami Suzuki. They’ve created 1 cover album, 2 remix albums, 2 compilation albums, 2 compilation single albums, 7 full albums, and a whopping 33 mini albums. Their song ‘Still Love You’ released May 16th 2012. They’ve recently released their newest album, Triple 777 (777) which came out August 22nd 2012.

3. Love Again (feat. Ailee) by 2BiC

2BiC is an R&B South Korean duo that had recently came out. They’ve made songs with 2 very powerful K-Pop, they were Davichi and new comer Ailee. Their songs consist of very chill out R&B and upbeat R&B.

2. Da Yi Shu Jia – Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai is mandopop singer and actor. Jolin is a big hitter in mandopop. She’s been under several music labels like Sony Music, Universal Music, and EMI Music in Taiwan. She’s worked with Australian artist Kylie Minogue on her album called X. In 2006 her song, Sun Will Never Set topped the Hito Top 100 single charts for that year, and was voted on by over 340,000 fans. In 2008 while performing at Beijing’s Worker’s Gymnasium she pulled off some of her newly acquired pole dancing and flying ring skills. As of that date she had went on a hiatus, but has finally come back onto the scene yet again for her new release of her album MUSE, which will release September 14th 2012.

1. Into Free –Dangan- by B’z

We end the show with a Japanese rock band that plays also in English. B’z is a Japanese rock duo that started back in 1988. They’ve become one of the most best selling music artists in the world. They’ve released a staggering 42 #1 singles, 24 #1 albums, and sold 80 million records in Japan alone. They are Asia’s only band to even have their hands and signatures put in Hollywood’s Rock Walk. B’z has recently came out with an all English album back in July. They start their American tour in San Francisco on the 17th of September

The Asian Music Club Start Up

Posted by Ian on September 8, 2012 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Starting the Asian Music Club here at Cosumnes River College with myself and DJ KLegend. He does the show while I produce and edit them. First trial show is up.

To join AMC you need to be a student at CRC and then you'll have to send me your email and or name along with your student ID number. We need 8 students to get the club to be official. Hope this works!

Ian and DJ KLegend.

email: [email protected]

New Show! K-Pop Targeting: R&B / Soul

Posted by Ian on August 8, 2012 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I wanted to do a different segment that I think I could keep up on. I've done like one or two others that I liked, but both of them went around me doing my daily find and putting them into a show which takes pretty much the whole day. Now I'm just scanning my archives and listening to the music I have already.


K-Pop Targeting is a brand new show that will be available for download every once every two weeks. It's an hour of music that is generally focused on what I've targeted for that show. This show is about R&B/ Soul.

I hope everyone gets the chance to enjoy this. If you have any questions, comments, and or requests for genres, don't hesistate to ask. Enjoy the show.

-- DJ KLegend




Track List


1. Garlo - Baby


2. aT - Slowly


3. Well – I Can’t


4. Jung Moon – U R My lady


5. Gilme - 내가 먼저 (feat. 은지원8Dro)


6. JC Ji Eun – My Song


7. Nusoul - 질릴만도한데 (Feat. 8DRO)


8. Jjun - 그냥 울어 (Just Cry R&B Remix Ver.)


9. Dwayne – Please Understand


10. Young Jun -

11. Soulclef – I know, you want


12. Kim Gun Mo - 내 마음 당신 곁으로 (원곡가수 김정수와 급행열차)


13. Heyna - 이별비


14. Ali - 나영이


15. Se7en – A Departure Like Ice


16. Wanted – Baby Don’t Go


Free new music

Posted by Ian on July 24, 2012 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

OK so in these days it's sometimes hard to find free music. iTunes has got the ball and you can pay $1 per song and it lets you listen to the song ahead of time before purchasing.

That's great and all, but seriously who doesn't wish they still didn't have to pay $1 for that song? I know I do. Luckily with music, their comes great bands that rise out from the depths of this clutter filled music avalanche and does what we all wish  most bands do, give away free music.

With Beating Hearts, a sub group of the San Diego, California band The Material is releasing a limited time only Summer Remix of their EP. 3 songs fully remixed into some electronic goodness. I highly recommend you check it out and download these three FREE songs while you can. Who may become a fan of the group in general.

DJ KLegend

All Out K-Pop 120713

Posted by Ian on July 20, 2012 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok for these two playlist I just posted. They were ordered on the days of the title but weren't made until yesterday and today. I think I should be all caught up with everything by this week or next week. I've skipped a week or so of K-Pop because my internet went down last week so I just said forget it. If you have any suggestions of K-Pop artists you think I should pick up then by all means msg me. Thanks.

DJ KLegend

All Out K-Pop 120713

1. A Seed – Beyond Cafe

2. APink – BUBIBU (Remix Ver)

3. Beenzino – I’ll Be Back

4. BGM - 사랑을 알려준 사람 (the one who loved)

5. Boni – 27살

6. Cultwo & Saemiroo - 넌 할 수 있 (feat. 케이준) (you can do)

7. DIAmond - 니가 돌아오면 (your back)

8. DOZ - 이쁜 강아지만 골라 키우는 그녀 모습 (look pretty)

9. Dream – 잘가 (goodbye)

10. Eluphant - 별사탕 (Feat. 범키) (sugar candies)

11. FLASHE – Drop it

12. Habit – 나무에게 (to the trees)

13. HELLOVENUS – 파도처럼 (like a wave)

14. Jaemin & Owl - 헤어지는 게 맞아 (it’s suppose to break up)

15. Kim Hyun Joong – HEAT

16. Krucifix Kricc - 소우주 (小宇宙) (Microcosm)

17. Last Dream – 소나기 (Sonaki) (Feat. MINI) (shower)

18. LEDApple - Swing

19. Min Hoon Ki – Ma Fun City

20. Minken - VOICE (Via 차엘리야)

21. Passionist – Like It

22. Punch Punch – Take Me

23. Rhythm Power – 마이마이 (May I May I)

24. Sagging Snail - 방구석 날라리 (gutters sunshine)

25. T-ARA – 떠나지마 (do not leave)

26. Thunder – 가지마 ( do not go)

27. Tiramisu - 넌 너무 멋져 (you’re too nice)

28. Viva J - 겁이나 (Feat. 정은) (Im scared)

29. Younha - Supersonic

30. ZE:A – Body to Body

All Out K-Pop 120707

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All Out K-Pop 120707

1. Baek Chung Kang – All Night

2. CHI CHI – Love is Energy

3. G.O & MIR - Wild

4. JP - 돌아갈 수 있다면 (Feat. 임창정)

5. Loca - 제발

6. Nine9 - 그댈 향한 멜로디

7. OT - 괴물 (Feat.노브레인)

8. 4K – Bye Bye Bye

9.Dong Gyun Sonyu - 후끈후끈 따끈따끈

10. F.I.X - 내 여자라고

11. Crystal Kay – Take it outside

12. G.E.M – What Have You Done

13. Geeks – Hold it down

14. Handsome People – Disco Girl

15. Huh Gak - 한사람

16. Hye Ryoung - 햇살이 비추는 길

17. Kim Bo Kyung & Shayne - 내게 무슨 짓을 한 거야

18. KittiB – I’m her (feat. Zion.T)

19. KAT-TUN – Walking In the Light

20. Alice – X Lovers (Feat. SHUN)

21. Prizmoliq - 먼저가요 (Feat. Esbee Tale)

22. Psy - Korea

23. She’z - 낮과밤

24. Shin Seong Hoon - 어쩌다

25. Sistar – Push Push (DJ Rubato Remix)

26. TeTe - Sunshine

27. The Koxx – Truth or Dare

28. Together Brothers – Together Brothers (feat. 가리온, Noise Mob)

29. JP - 인생은 2절부터 (Feat. Vasco & Swings & Crybaby)

30. Super Junior - NOW

All Out K-Pop 120703

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All Out K-Pop #136

I've said it's show number #136 but honestly now I don't know haha. I'm just going to start calling it by the date. Save me some time haha.

1. 1sAgain – Ma Boo (feat. 제나) (Jenna)

2. 2BiC - 나이기를 (Promise You)

3. 10cm – Only U

4. Shin Bo Ra - 그리워 운다 (never cry)

5. Jjun – Fly high

6. Lee Seok Hoon - 연애의 시작 (start of romance)

7. Bobby Kim - 시간이 흐른 뒤 (time afterward)

8. After School - Lady luck

9. Bikiny – Dance Party

10. BOB4 - Mystery Girl (Feat. 비키) (Vicky)

11. Rose Motel – 부비부비 (Hug)

12. Can - 모든걸 걸었다 (bet Everything)

13. 2BiC – Love Again (feat. 에일리)

14. Dr.Gimm – Mama (Feat. Nu-Soul, mNine, Qwala, Kimm)

15. Doz - 요로시쿠 오네가이시마스 (Yorosiku onegai shimasu)

16. Electroboyz - 데려다 줄게 (I’ll Take You)

17. Heyna – 이별비 (yibyeolbi)

18. Hwayobi - 난 이렇게 살아 (I’m still here)

19. Jo Kwon – Animal

20. JooHyo - 우리 안녕은 (our well-being)

21. J-Slow – Break it down

22. Jun.K - 사랑... 안녕 (Love…Hi)

23. Kim Jang Hoon - 햇살 좋은날 (Good day sunshine)

24. Lee Gun Yul – 위로 (Back to top)

25. Lee Won Seok – 러닝맨 (Reoningmaen)

26. Macchiato - 믿어지지 않는 이별 (incredible Farewell)

27. Mazik Flow - 제목이 없어 (Feat. Rhymics) (No title)

28. M-tiful – All Right

29. RossyPP – 29

30. Secret – First Kiss

31. Shin Se Kyung - 넌 달콤했어 (feat. 스웨덴세탁소) (you’re sweet feat. Sweden Laundry)

32. So Chan Whee – Come On

33. SOOLj & Tarae – 기도 (prayer)

34. Soul Chun - 아파도 참아야 해 (be patient rampant)

35. Star - 가슴에 새긴 말 (horse carved in my hear)

36. Sweet Sorrow - 다크서클(Dark club) (feat. 박명수 GNP) (Muzie Remix)

37. Taw & HaHa - 아카시아 (With 수성 of 송크라이걸즈) Acacia (With songkeu ray igeol jeu of Mercury)

38. TUNE – 꿈속에는 (in my dreams)

39. Ulala Session – 울랄라세션 (ooh la la session)

40. Park Wan Kyu - 이별길 (yibyeolgil)

41. JK - 행복의 나라로 (원곡가수 한대수) Into the kingdom of happiness (original singer handaesu)

42. Lee Eun Mee - 한동안 뜸했었지 + 얘기할 수 없어요 (원곡가수 사랑과 평화 [I can not talk for a while tteumhaeteotji + (original singer of love and peace

43. Vasco & Look and Listen - Cold Steel (Feat. Ven & Jay Moon)

44. Yoo Se Yoon – 예술이야 (its art)

45. Bizniz – 4885 (feat. I11evn)