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Posted by Ian on November 25, 2012 at 9:10 PM

Being someone who doesn’t have a smart phone I tend to miss out on relatively useful apps. I always constantly find myself repeating certain lyrics over and over in my head when I hear a song I use to listen to back in the day, but I can never remember who was that artist singing that song. As the day progresses my mind will wander and when the time comes for my brain to regurgitate those lyrics, I can never remember them! This stresses me out so much because I end up thinking about what the lyrics were and I don’t remember until I either hear the song again or at a random day it just pops into my head.

Fortunately there is a new app for those people who have the same problem and own a smart phone. The app is called K-Pop Lyrics. How handy is this? Pretty damn handy! If you are the type of person who must have that song raping your ear drums and bumpin’ on your car speakers then this is app a must have. Basically you click on the app and you enter the lyrics of the song you are listening to and viola! The app searches it’s massive database of K-Pop tunes and returns to you in seconds with the song you desired. You have your song with artist’s name and the entire song lyrics.

Now you can sing along to all your favourite K-Pop songs word for word while you’re out about and not look like a complete spazz when you hit a verse of the song you don’t know and begin to mumble the words. Impress your friends by naming the artist of the song they know of but can’t remember the artist. Serenade that lucky lady with precision lyrical verbatim and win her heart.


The K-Pop Lyrics app is a must have if you’re any type of K-Pop enthusiast!

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