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AMC Podcast #1

Posted by Ian on September 14, 2012 at 12:00 AM


Now then, let’s get to it shall we?

We’ve got 10 songs for everyone to listen to and explore the artists later. I’ll take a minute to explain who you’re listening to and some basic information about them. I’ll play the song and go from there. In time, I will just cut me talking and let the songs play. You can catch any of the information about the artists on our website under the section called news. Here we are with the Top 10 songs.

10. Angstblute by Bizniz

Bizniz is a Korean Hip-hop artists who started back in 2007 in the small duo called Infinite Flow. After the disbandment of Infinite flow, Bizniz sought out solo a career and has been now on the rise in South Korean underground hip-hop.

9. 24 Ge Bi Li by Will Pan

Wilber Pan aka Will Pan is an American born Taiwanese Mandopop artist. This boy can sing, rap, and act. On August 31, 2012 Will Pan came out with his newest album The Story of Billy. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend watching the choreography that was developed by Terry Lin.

8. Derangement by The GazettE

Gazette is a visual Kei band out in Japan. Visual kei is a style of Japanese Rock. It’s based in heavy makeup, shocking costumes, and wild hair. GazettE started off back in 2002 and lately has broken onto Japanese mainstream music. Gazette has a massive international fan base. The song “Derangement” is off their album Division which had recently released in Japan.

7. Shade by Broken Valentine

Broken Valentine is a South Korean alternative band. South Korean true alternative is very underground that a majority of times you’ll only hear it through live events in certain clubs. Though recently Broken Valentine had appeared on South Korea’s television show competition called Top Band. With their television appearance their fan base and band exposure continue to grow. Their style is definitely alternative and post grunge.

6. Now (Club Mix) by Turbotronic

To my knowledge I don’t know much about Turbotronic. I know he’s a DJ in South Korea and he creates my kind of songs. He does a lot remixes with DJ Hyo (aka clubhunter)

5. 2 Beautiful by HotCha

HotCha is girl trio in cantopop (Cantonese pop). Their latest album 0103 falls along the genre of dance pop. Their single 2 beautiful has a very Eurodance feel and can have wishing you were in a dance club.

4. Still Love You by AAA

A very popular band from the Japanese music company Avex Trax is AAA. AAA stands for All Around Attack. This band debuted in 2005 and they consisted of 5 men and 3 women who have all acted in either commercials or were backup dancers for Ayumi Hamasaki and Ami Suzuki. They’ve created 1 cover album, 2 remix albums, 2 compilation albums, 2 compilation single albums, 7 full albums, and a whopping 33 mini albums. Their song ‘Still Love You’ released May 16th 2012. They’ve recently released their newest album, Triple 777 (777) which came out August 22nd 2012.

3. Love Again (feat. Ailee) by 2BiC

2BiC is an R&B South Korean duo that had recently came out. They’ve made songs with 2 very powerful K-Pop, they were Davichi and new comer Ailee. Their songs consist of very chill out R&B and upbeat R&B.

2. Da Yi Shu Jia – Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai is mandopop singer and actor. Jolin is a big hitter in mandopop. She’s been under several music labels like Sony Music, Universal Music, and EMI Music in Taiwan. She’s worked with Australian artist Kylie Minogue on her album called X. In 2006 her song, Sun Will Never Set topped the Hito Top 100 single charts for that year, and was voted on by over 340,000 fans. In 2008 while performing at Beijing’s Worker’s Gymnasium she pulled off some of her newly acquired pole dancing and flying ring skills. As of that date she had went on a hiatus, but has finally come back onto the scene yet again for her new release of her album MUSE, which will release September 14th 2012.

1. Into Free –Dangan- by B’z

We end the show with a Japanese rock band that plays also in English. B’z is a Japanese rock duo that started back in 1988. They’ve become one of the most best selling music artists in the world. They’ve released a staggering 42 #1 singles, 24 #1 albums, and sold 80 million records in Japan alone. They are Asia’s only band to even have their hands and signatures put in Hollywood’s Rock Walk. B’z has recently came out with an all English album back in July. They start their American tour in San Francisco on the 17th of September

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